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Feb 13, 2013 4:00am EST
a transatlantic trade agreement. and marco rubio gave the republican response and criticized obama's programs and proposals as more unnecessary deficit spending. joining us for more, head of european g-10 fx bank of america merrill lynch. welcome. >> good morning. >> want to start talking about europe, about cypress where he got back from. first the u.s. dollar, what's happening with the potential fiscal talks. how concerned are you, what does it moon for trading the currency? >> the u.s. dollar has weakened so far this year because of the overall market risk move that we have seen. positive of surprises in the u.s. at the global level. and looking forward, we were bullish on the u.s. dollar because we see a market correction as the u.s. tightens fiscal policy substantially this year. >> how severe of a correction might that -- >> we believe for the rest of the year the euro/dollar will be closer to 1.30 or below, 1.35. >> really? >> also last week we believe in the way there's a ceiling on the strength of the euro warning that a fefbent strengthening -- fervent strengthing will affect inflat
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am EST
and directed directly at the opposing party tonight the. >> and what about the response from marco rubio? what's the republican line likely to be here? are they similarly going to use this as a way to make their case to the public as a place for avoiding the sequester or not depending on what the the agenda is? >> i think they will. i think what you'll see senator rubio do who, by the way, has a tough job tonight. it's very hard to deliver a speech in the format directly following the president and look at it all on equal term. first, he has to lay out a thoughtful critique as to what the president's plan is. to your point or sequester, tax raise easy, i think you'll see marco rubio lay out a vision for how a long-term spending cut plan will be better for the economy. secondly, he has to be positive. he has to be uplifting. the republican brand has taken a hit over these last spending hikes can it cannot afford to keep being seen as the party of keeping people down, so to speak. and as a result of that, i think you'll see him give a very uplifting, very personal accounting of his rise in ameri
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am EST
. >> carry on. no. hang on a second. i'm -- rubio. thank you. marco rubio. oh, it's monday. all right. >>> a senate panel is expected to grill jack lew on his nomination hearing to be the next treasury secretary. republicans will ask him about a nearly $1 million he received from citigroup before the bank got a tax bailout. despite criticism, lew is expected to win the confirmation hearing. >>> apple. i like the idea of a watch with the features of a smartphone. "the wall street journal" says apple has discussed such a major project. anything can be used to test mobile phones. >> you can probably wear one as a necklace, too. there are all sorts of options. >> it's like a square bracelet. >> if it's not big, though, it will look so goofy. like i have one of those shuffles. it's about maybe an inch square, maybe. or is that complete ly -- earlir on the show, we asked, would you lie an i watch? it might have some possibilities. jet tweeted saying an apple iwrist device sounds sick is him lar to an old dick tracy cartoon wrist radio-tv device. >> maybe it will help them protect margins if
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3